Knights of Saint Joseph
Together we stand in determination, will and faith to defend and grow the Catholic Church

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How to Join the Knights of Saint Joseph

Be responsible for yourself, your family, your home, your faith and the Catholic Church

You Should Become A Member

Are you looking to become a member of the Knights of Joseph, you and your family can join together. Be part of a new Catholic organization that helps grow the catholic faith in a way that makes our church your family and the community stronger.

Our Memberships are open to Catholic and non catholic men and woman and there families. People that are looking to grow with the Holy Spirit. People that want to do the will of god in caring for the church, help over see proper leadership within the church and help with the responsibilities of growing the church, community, schools and most important the straitening of families.

We prefer to see practicing Catholic's or people looking to grow into the catholic faith. With thousands of years of history and our separation from the Jewish faith. Sharing many of the same stories in history. Realizing other religions that separated from us, just as we did from the Jews.

It's time to reunite our families and friends, that share a belief in God and help work towards and develop our churches leaders to maintain a high ethical standard in the daily business of our church and faith.

No one is perfect but through the Knights of Saint Joseph you can develop your life to live within the Commandments of God and the teachings of the Church and faith and help oversee the church.

Down load and print a membership application form below. Fill out your application as complete as possible add your check for membership dues and mail it in. We will be in contact with you to confirm that your application has been processed and the first book I'm proud to be a Knight will be mailed out to you along with a certificate of membership to help you get started in your journey in the Knights of Saint Joseph.

You may also pay using a credit card on Pay Pals. After payment then down load and print a membership application form below fill in paid online. Fill out your application as complete as possible. We will be in contact with you to confirm that your application has been received and confirm payment. Please if your paying online remember to print out and mail in your membership application.

Thank You
Joseph Lucey
Founding Grand Knight IHS