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Dads - Moms and Families


Real Fathers
When you have a wife and family the days can sometimes be long, a lot of demands can be placed upon you. Work, bills, house duties, friends and so on. But as you get older the years seem to get shorter. You have an opportunity to look back at your life, the relationship with your wife, children, in-laws, parents, you are and have always been in control of your own destiny. If your relationships aren't good what have you failed to put into them to make them better. Was it time, patients, humor, guidance, structure, education and so on. Take responsibility for your life, the growth of your life and the growth of your wife and family. Help guide yourself and your family slowly into health paths and choices in life. Teach them how to make health choices and to stay out of harms way. And always remember to bring them into a faith. Teach them the value of God and the values of church. Teach them respect, love, kindness, friendship, proper work ethics, so as you get older you know they can make good sound choices and can take care of themselves when your not around. That's your job as a father a husband and as head of your home.

We all struggling to be the best Dad possible. We all have days that we thought we failed our families. But always remember tomorrow brings us a new day with a fresh start. Don't be afraid of failing because what we learn from our failures is what brings us as fathers to success.

One of the ways to be a better dad is to consider take notes. That's right a journal. Try using a Journal haveing a place to reflect thoughts, goals, anger, disappointments, feelings, and happy memories. It is you journal of life. add funny moments with the wife and kids, list weekly goals, vacation plains, anniversary ideas or plains, New Years resolutions.

Then everyone once in a while sit down and go through your Journal notes. It may help you to realize what been going on in your life. That now and then is not as bad as it looks. And this will help you to realize that life does get better, marriage can be great, you are blessed to have your children and that your an O K dad and getting better all the time. History always has a way of repeating itself if your not careful. By going over your past notes you can try not make the same mistake again.

Keep prayers in your Journal. Find a daily prayer that covers your family. Look for prayers that help you throught the day reminding yourself your not alone. Prayer works, Journals help, and families are a gift you give to yourself. Keep your gifts special always recognize that they are a blessing from god and keep his gifts care for and in high honor.

Fathers Are Essential

Mothers sometime seem to get all the credit for the happiness hard work around the house, but at least in some families, happiness and hard work around the house is also performed, shared and influenced by the dad. As a fathers involvement varies so much compared to a mother's roll tends to be.

But you wondered: are dads as important as moms? Look at the research, and the short answer is YES.

· Research shows that the love and care of fathers is equally important for the health and well-being of children as mother-love.

· Children are WAY better off when their relationship with their father is sensitive, secure, and supportive as well as close, nurturing, and warm.

Kids who have dads that actively participate in their care and that interact with them are more likely to:

1. Be smarter and more successful in school and work.
· Kids with involved dads are better problem-solvers as toddlers, and have higher IQs by age 3. One theory about why this is: fathers tend to talk to their children differently than mothers do, and as a result children to talk in longer sentences and use more diverse vocabulary when talking with their fathers.

· School-aged children with positively involved fathers are more likely to:

o Get As and have higher grade point averages

o Have better math, reading, and language skills

o Enjoy and have positive attitudes towards school

o Have higher levels of educational attainment and success overall

o Have a greater ability to take initiative, use self-direction and control

o Have better problem solving skills.

· Later in life, children of positively involved fathers are more likely to have greater success in their careers, and to earn more money.

2. Be happier. Children with positively involved fathers are more likely to be happier and more satisfied with their lives over-all. They experience less depression, distress, anxiety, and negative emotions like fear and guilt.

3. Have more friends and better relationships. Children whose fathers are positively involved have better social skills; they tend to be more popular and better liked. They have fewer conflicts with their peers. They are also more likely to:
o Grow up to be tolerant and understanding

o Have positive interactions with their siblings

o Have supportive social networks made up of long-term close friendships

o Adjust well to college both personally and socially

o Have long-term, successful marriages, be satisfied with their romanticpartners in midlife, and to have more successful intimate relationships.

4. Happier and healthier mothers. When fathers are emotionally supportive of their children and wife the moms are more likely to enjoy a greater sense of well-being. In addition, supported moms are more likely maintain healthy pregnancy behaviors, an indicator that father support increases the odds that both mother and baby will be physically healthy.

5. And they are LESS likely to get into trouble, or otherwise engage in risky behavior.
· Positive father involvement protects kids from substance abuse in adolescence.

· It is also associated with a lower frequency of acting out, delinquency, disruptive and violent behavior, lying, and stealing.

· Kids with positively involved fathers are less likely to be bullied, and they are less likely to be bullies themselves.

Do fathers really deserve credit for ALL THAT??

Yes, they do. But research results like these don't necessarily show that father involvement always causes all those great benefits for kids – we just know that kids who have involved fathers are more likely to have those qualities. Although many studies show the unique benefits of having an involved dad by controlling for other factors, the relationship between father-involvement and positive child-outcomes vary.

For example, it could be in part about money: maybe having an involved dad also means that family income is higher, and the positive effects come from being able to live in a safer neighborhood and go to better schools. Or maybe having an involved dad means that your mom has to work less, and so some of the positives for kids come from the increased time that their mothers are able to spend with them. Reverse causality may also be at work once kids get older: happy and successful kids could be inspiring their fathers to be more positively involved. There are a lot of studies that take these factors into account in one way or another and, not surprisingly, the results still show that when fathers are positively engaged, their children benefit in a multitude of ways.

So this Father's Day, pat your dad on the back—or better yet shower him with scientific evidence of his importance by forwarding him this posting. And if YOU are the engaged dad in the picture, sit back and relish your profound importance. There may be no greater way that you can contribute to the greater good than by being positively engaged in the lives of your children and even grand children.

Father Spiritual Challenges
The biggest spiritual challenges Christian parents identified are related to the spiritual development of their children, a new survey found.

Only four out of every 10 Christian parents of children between the ages of 3 and 18 said they do not face any spiritual challenges in their life, according to The Barna Group. Among those who do, 14 percent said the biggest personal challenge related to faith is raising moral children with a strong faith, which was the most common response.

Ten percent identified the need to personally invest more time in religious activities, such as reading the Bible or praying, as their greatest faith challenge.

When asked to rate the significance of eight specific challenges related to their faith, most do not perceive themselves to face major spiritual challenges.

Only 34 percent said having enough time to devote to their faith was a major challenge; and 30 percent said helping their children to become more spiritual was a major challenge.

"Our studies show that the faith principles and practices that a child absorbs by age thirteen boldly shapes their spirituality for the duration of their life,” said George Barna, who directed the survey. “Parents have a greater impact on that process than anyone else.

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